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Aligning Business Goals and Content Objectives

aligning business goals and web content strategy

Aligning Business Goals and Content Objectives

Push To Start content strategy services help our clients ensure their web content is useful, usable, purposeful and of course, profitable. To achieve these content objectives there has to be a clear link between Business Goals and the content that’s being published on the client’s business website or blog. For example, if a clients business goals are to attract new members, retain existing members and increase the sale of branded merchandise any content being published should be playing some role in achieving at least one, if not, all three of the business goals.

It’s very easy for small business owners to get caught up in the act of publishing content, without giving that content a very specific role to play in terms of meeting business goals.

At Push To Start we help our clients define the right kind of content to publish and curate, and evaluate how well it’s doing both real-time and over-time against business goals. We can help your business find opportunity in it’s existing content or develop new content with a clearly defined mission for success.  Hint: Does all your content have a very clear call to action and easily accessible contact info? If not .. that’s a really great place to start.

If you’re interested in learning more about web content strategy services for startup business, please contact us.  We love talking content!

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