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Market Research vs. User Analytics

small business web content strategy

Market Research vs. User Analytics

This is a really important distinction and one that is often overlooked when developing a content strategy for brands; The difference between doing Market Research and User Research.

Content strategists will rave about their ability to dive into big data and provide insight on the demand for your products or services at the country, state, city or even the neighborhood levels which is great,  but it’s really only part of the equation. Market research tends to be a macro approach, that relies heavily on surveys of what people say and less on what your potential customers actually will do when they arrive at your site. Can you see how developing sales copy or any content at this level may be short sighted? Let your competition chase their tail here!

In addition to Market Research which focuses on macro level information, we suggest doing some User Research as well. At this micro level, we are evaluating data from your actually site visitors. Who exactly are they, we links are they clicking and what features of your product offering seem to capture their attention. What concerns do they have about doing business with you and what’s motivating them to “buy now” or not.

Understanding the distinction between insight gained at the macro level from market data and the user specific data obtained from user analytics is the basis for a great web content strategy for your business and can provide a very real competitive advantage and a very real boost to your conversion rates.  For more information on how PUSH TO START can help your business website grow, please visit website at www.pushtostart.net.

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